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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of an ONLINE Tutory School 
Kinder to High School
We help Homeschoolers to receive a diploma.
We are a non-governmental organization
Another kind of education. Interactive visual courses.



Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your elementary school
online exprerience


Participating in an online elementary school program means that you will be able to access the curriculum 24/7, whenever it is most convenient for you. Online classes also mean that you will be able to see the student's grades whenever you need to, and at OTA Choicesmart- EDU we encourage you to do so. A quality education depends on you taking an active role in the process.


Learning ONLINE means

• Structured yet flexible program.
• Customized learning plans to meet our student's educational needs.
• Flexible enrollment allows students to enroll any time throughout the year.
• Around-the-clock access to curriculum and grades.
• Academic, administrative and technical support.
• Certified teachers and responsive staff.
• Proven curriculum taught from a conventional and educational therapy perspective. A fully accredited curriculum.


We help Home Schooling
students to be certified


• Helping fulfill your God-given responsibility to be the primary educator of your child
• Accepting students at their current skill level
• Conducting assessment testing and prescribing an appropriate course of study
• Providing quality technical, administrative and academic support
• Evaluating, grading/reviewing, recording and reporting student progress in a timely manner
•Ensure that any student can obtain a certify diploma.



Complete Your Bachelor's Degree in 2 Years


Accelerate program for High School.

The teacher reserved the right to make any exam ONLINE, presence if consider necessary. 

To pass the grade or absolve one class the students need to pass the final exam on the virtual classroom or presence in our Center.

The diploma will be issued by the

Escuela Virtual de Educación Acelerada Proyecto Salón Hogar, licencie no  A 14-108


 Credit trasnsciptions and grade


This service will have an additional cost.

Any student will receive a credit transcription for any class passed with us.

A grade certificate will be issued only for the students who were full time enrolled at all the classes required for any grade level, by your own or with teacher assistance and fixed schedule.

The cost of that service is: 60$.







Students who have been homeschooled must provide transcripts, or home school records, reflecting all courses completed, credits earned (or hours spent) and the letter grade earned. Courses should be categorized according to intended grade level. If they have no any transcripts they need to be evaluated in our Academy to can be allocate in the right grade.

Psycho-educational evaluation cost -240$.

Grade exam cost: 60$/all three exams.

Are two programs admissions:

A. Full time - in your own - the students can passed the required exams when they are prepared to. They can finish one year in 6 months or less if they will be able to pass all the exams required for the grade. No student can be losing one year without the grade. If that happened the student will be enroll in a special curriculum.

B. - Full time - with an instructor and fixed exams dates, under teacher’s supervisions, more assignments and calendar schedule.


Tuition and fees

Tuition for one year - 220$ for Program B.

Fees are non-refundable and apply to each student.

Fees depends of the number of class enrolled.

Monthly payment options are available for homeschool program fees charges.

Enrollment one class or all classes same price

95$/year without tuition fee .

A - Program

K -  fixed price - $59

1st -8th grade

Fees all clases - 95$/year fees.

No tutor and credits transcriptions provide. No final grades exams.


High School - Fees all clases - ask for.


Tutory fees for any program : 20$/hour virtual classroom or in our Center.


B - Program

Tuition one year fees : $220

K -  fixed price - $59 without tuition.

1st -8th grade 

Fees all clases - 95$/year fees.

Fees all class- $40/monthly  - Provide tutor and credit transcripts.Final grades exams


High School - Fees all clases - ask for.


Tutory fees : 20$/hour virtual classroom or in our Center.



Obtain your High School Diploma in 2 weeks


If you have more than 18 years old and are interest to have your High School Diploma you need to pass the GED exam.

Enroll with us and pay 220$. You will receive

All material to prepare your GED exam and our tutor’s assistance. You can address your questions by email or in your

 Foro del estudiante .  In a very shortly time a tutor will contact you.

Any classroom or virtual class will have an additional cost of 20$/hour.

The GED exam will have a cost of 60$ and will be passed in classroom with 

Escuela Virtual de Educación Acelerada Proyecto Salón Hogar, lísense no  A 14-108



 While non-governmental entity schools are not clearly defined or regulated by law, only a primary or secondary academic school which declares, promises, announces, or expresses the intention of granting certificates, diplomas, degrees or licenses is required to licensed by the General Council of Education (Consejo General de Educación). Most homeschoolers operate as non-governmental entity schools. These homeschools typically use transcripts to demonstrate completed work rather than diplomas.

Many colleges and universities admit homeschool graduates today, including the University of Puerto Rico, attesting to the adequacy of their preparation and the conscientiousness of their parents in providing their education.

When a parent, tutor or legal guardian of the minor will notify the Council his/her intent to cease homeschooling, in such a case, the minor will be enrolled in a public or private educational institution, unless he/she is sent to a new alternative education program, 

We can help you to enrolled your child in a regular school.

The child have to meet our requirements: passed our pshyco-educational evaluation and the grade exam.  We can prepare them for the any public school grade exam requiered, including PPAA.

Tutory program provided by:



Proyecto Salón Hogar, un programa endosado por la Oficina del Gobernador, el Departamento de Educación, el Departamento de la Familia y esta Acreditado por el Consejo General de Educación de Puerto Rico.




Compass Learning Odyssey - according with Commen Core U.S.A



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